I am sitting here in front of my computer that rests on my new desk.  My computer had been sitting (mostly unused) on a tv tray in the living room.  Each time I did use it, I would get easily distracted by TV.  Now I sit here in endless possibilities of blogging for the new year.

I still haven’t really decided what I want to to with this here slice of the internet.  I don’t really consider myself the apologetics type.  I’m definitely not an evangelist either.  So I guess I will blog until an answer comes.  Some things I would like to talk about this year include: catholic prayers and devotions,  CRHP, depression, my animals, my continuing conversion, and more.  For now, I will fulfill a promise I made back in November, and give you a gratitude list from me.

I am grateful for:

A home filled with things for me to care for.

My pets…even when they tear stuff up.

A job that I thoroughly love.

John Cox

Sherry (bff since before I was cool)


The Mass

The Rosary devotion

Jesus and the ocean of mercy He lets me swim in.