My last post said, “Next week….” Of course, I didn’t.  Again.  I love this blog.  It helped me so much, not so long ago.  I have made intermittent posts rallying to do better, then coming back 1, 3, 6 months later shaking my head.  I don’t think I have outgrown the need to blog.  I do NOT want to delete it.  In so many ways, my life is an open book.  Yet in the last year, I have experienced much that I just don’t want to put out here.  In some ways I have become a little more private.  Then I am left with the questions.  What to blog?  Can I blog? Does anybody read this?  Has this helped anybody? (which really is a totally unfair question.  I began this blog to help me.)  How much do I share out here?  Am I still becoming a catholic?  Should I just start a new blog?  I don’t know.  I’ve prayed.  The impression I get is that the ball is in my court.  There is no wrong answer.

Can I ask you a couple of questions?


Do you read? Why?

Has it been helpful?

Would you keep reading?

What would you like to read about?


I may be Catholic.  But this really feels like the 10th altar call I’ve attended.

Dear Lord,

Soften my head, so I can hear you in my heart.