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     Two years ago, when I started my journey towards the catholic faith, I did not really know anything about it. I had been raised nominally protestant, and had studied or practiced several other religions, but never Catholicism. I have written about some of that extensively in my first one or two posts.
     In April 2012 after my darkest night of the soul, I began to seriously consider Catholicism. I knew very little about it. As a child I had been fascinated by the Virgin Mary. I remember watching a movie with my mother about Our Lady of Fatima. Cathedrals mystified me with their grand architecture. In the 7th grade I read, “The Pillars of the Earth”, by Ken Follet. This was my entire faith formation in regards to Catholicism until I was 36. A book, a film ideal (from the 1950’s) of motherhood, and a building-that’s it.
     I spent some time reading online. It was difficult. After my DNOTS, I had a hard time paying attention while reading. Depression and anxiety will do that to you. I had read online about the catholic television channel EWTN. (That is Eternal Word Television Network.) It was started in the 1970’s by a short, yet portly nun lovingly referred to as Mother Angelica. During my scavenging of EWTN’s website, I discovered that they had a ROKU channel. Having owned one of these devices for several years, I was happy to hear this, and quickly downloaded the channel. For those that don’t know what a ROKU is, you can click here.

     I have had prior experience with Christian television broadcasting. From CBN, 700 club, and TBN- I was used to hucksters trying to pawn off cheap knick knacks and begging for donations. I’m sure that seems a little harsh. Often times, I still feel that way when I try to watch it. It always seemed like a mixture of make-up, Christian music, fund-raising, and some self help or motivational shtick. I’m sure there is some redeemable programing there. I’m just not willing to sift through all the chaff to find a few grains of wheat.
Alone in my house, I encountered all things catholic for the very first time. I devoured every bit of programming I could. The various types of shows fed different parts of my very anemic soul.
     I would like to do several posts over the next week or so. I would like to share with you and maybe review the different media sources that have contributed to my conversion experience. I will do a post on TV, Radio, and Internet and Mobile. I will post links in each blog post for those that would want to explore further.