Remember me?  Things rather fizzled out blogging.  Things fizzled out in other areas of my life too.  Life is not always easy.  Sin can make life even harder.  Check that, being resistant to not sinning is painful as hell.  I have no idea how much I should or even will share about the last several months.  It is intensely painful, and private too.  There is a certain amount of pride and ego deflation that I do not mind sharing with others.  Then I discover a boundary, a point where I say, “Nope.  This is nobody’s business but my own.”  Maybe some life lessons aren’t blurted out to the blogshpere until there is some resolution.  Perhaps I am vain and full of pride, and in need of chastisement.  I do not know the answer to that question.

Here are some things I do know:

  • I love Jesus.
  • I want to know him more.
  • I love the Catholic church.
  • I want to understand it more.
  • I love Mary.
  • I want to experience her love more.
  • I am Catholic.

I started this blog on my journey to becoming a catholic.  It seemed after I joined the church that I had painted myself into a corner blogging.  If that is true, I have somehow managed to un-paint myself from that corner. I have more to share, more to blog, more of a catholic to become.  Please understand, these statements no way imply that I am somehow not catholic enough.  On the contrary, I am writing about having a deeper encounter and deeper understanding of Christ and the Church.

I am recommitting to this blog, right now.  I plan on contributing at least once a week, hopefully more.  Please feel free to browse prior posts.  Grab a cup of tea (Darjeeling is a favorite of mine), and hang out with me a bit.  I would love to share my faith, my struggles, and my odd sense of humor with you.