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Urban legend tells a tale about Ernest Hemingway.  Having dinner at the Algonquin Hotel, E.H was having a round table discussion with some fellow writers.  allegedly, he challenged them to a bet that he could write a short story that was only 6 words long.  He assured them that if he lost, he would match each persons bet.  With the money in the middle of the table, E.H scribbled a sentence on a napkin.


“For sale, baby shoes, never worn.”


He won the bet.


I listened to this story this morning on NPR.  It was the background for a new NPR piece on race.  It got my wheels to turning.  There were powerful sentences that created powerful imagery describing race, stereotyping, and ethnicity.  It also set my own wheels to turning.  Not about race, mind you.  I began to think about faith, religion, and spirituality.

What six words mean the most to you?  You can leave a comment here or maybe on FB.  If people comment on FB, I will attach them to the comments here.

Here are mine: 

Blood, water gushed sacramental washing, clean.