What a day this has been!  I was lucky enough to see today’s events unfold on TV.  I was even luckier, because I have a great boss.  I had the chimney cam streaming to my computer at work.  She would stop by the desk every so often and ask if there was white smoke.  For me it has been especially exciting being new and all.  I knew Blessed JP II growing up, and could tell people adored him.  When HHPE Benedict was elected I was very far away from anything christian, so I really haven’t had a connection with that.  So it is obvious to anyone close to me that this was a big deal.

I have read a bit about previous popes.  It is always interesting to me the different gifts each pope has brought to the Church.  I can’t help but wonder what gifts this one will bring.  Of course there are some that are already crying foul.  There is much speculation about what his response to the rampant sexual abuse will be.

I can’t help but wonder if the Church is ready for another Francis.  After the last year of study and prayer I’ve learned that catholics are not much different from other groups.  There are lefties and righties.  There are loud mouths and still waters.  There are corrupt people and living saints.  Is our church ready to kiss a leper?  God commanded St. Francis to rebuild his church.  That legacy is still being felt 1000 years later.  Is that why he chose that name?  Time will tell, I am sure.

My only complaint is this.

He picked the same name I was going to as a confirmation name!  Silly, selfish, and childish….I know.  I had a shortlist of names and have been praying for a while.  I have a deep love for animals and our planet.  I have a deep need to become more humble and a better steward.  These are the reasons I chose this name.  Now, I fret a little…wondering if it is a little ostentatious now?  Any readers who want to throw in their .02, please feel free.