It seems that is a tumultuous time within the Catholic Church.  The resignation of the pope, yet another scandal involving unwanted touching, the possibility of a “gay mafia” within the church,  and oh look – more information involving the Vatileaks scandal.  It is saddening and frustrating to me.  I spent years involved with people that thrived on conspiracy theories.  For them it was food to fuel their beliefs.  So in normal Roy fashion, here are my observations and prescriptions for the church I have come to love.

  • The Pope resigned because he is aging and tired.  Move on folks.  No conspiracy in old age.
  • The latest scandal is further proof that the Church needs to over haul its culture.  It isn’t new.  Stop protecting people that cause harm.  Be open about it.  Take your lumps and show the world that the Church and its leaders are doing what is necessary.
  • Gay Mafia?  Seriously?  You sound like Pat Robertson on the 700 club.  Stop being a pompous ass and focus on the plank(s) in your own eye.  Do your job, do it well.  Be accountable and hold others accountable.  This sort of drivel plays on emotions rather than anything logical. 

I personally will continue to pray for the Church I have come to love.  I hope the leaders of it will hear the Holy Spirit.