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Busy day, today.

And the only thing I really want to blog about is how happy I am. It is one step closer to the thing I want to experience more than anything else in the world. The Eucharist.

It a brutally brief synopsis:

The Rite of Sending/Election is for candidates and catechumens publicly declaring (with their sponsor/god parent) that they are chosing to join the Catholic Church. The sponsor/god parent attests that the initiate is praying and working towards this goal. The initiate declares it. Then the Church declares its support.

The Call to Easter Sacraments was at another church, later in the day. There were 30 parishes there. The church is much larger than mine, and it was packed full of people. Mostly candidates and catechumens. Normally the Call to Easter Sacraments is performed by the Bishop. However, our good Bishop recently relocated to Orange County. A priest was designated to perform this service for us. It was uplifting to see so many people joining!

Our class will be going deeper this week as we cover the Sacrament of reconciliation. This is only second for me to the Eucharist. I will keep blogging away as things progress.

In Christ,