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What a day, what a day!  Yes, I still have a trove of half-finished posts.  This is more pressing to me at this moment.  I may be becoming more “catholic”.  I ended up at St. Maria three times in one day.  I try to attend daily Mass on most of my days off.  It feeds me.  In fact, it nourishes more than I ever expected.  I relate that to the power of the Real Presence in the Eucharist.  More on that later.

Mass.  Today marked the beginning of The Holy Spirit Novena at St. Maria’s.  It will conclude with the Feast of All Saints day on November 1st.  I’ve learned a few things today.

  • The Holy Spirit Novena is the only Novena officially recognized by the Church.
  • It is usually prayed for 9 days before Pentecost. (I don’t know why SMG does it now. I will send this question to John.)
  • Watch what you pray for!

I have some intentions with this Novena Prayer.

  1. To create more discipline in my prayer life.
  2. To improve and grow in my relationships with my siblings.
  3. Utterly private and not part of this blog.

Before I left this evening for RCIA I had a friend request and a message from my brother, Chris.  I have not seen him since 1983.  To me that is slightly a big deal.  Because of the timing, I could not call him right away.  I will tomorrow after work.  Looking forward to it. 8 more days of the Novena.  Who knows what is next…

I returned to SMG at 12:30 today for a meeting with Father Jim.  He has been the HPIC at SMG for 17 years.  It took me two months to muster up the unction to make an appointment with him.  When I landed at SMG I was in a terrible amount of emotional pain.  I crashed into John Cox’s office a blithering mess of anguish.  It was then he suggested a meeting with Fr. Jim.  What can I say?  I’m a little intimidated by the collar.  The time spent in prayer, Mass, Lectio Divina, and Sacred Adoration, have had a marked effect of my disposition and outlook.  Though I still have my struggles and pain,  I am not quite so frothy.  In the hour I spent with Fr. Jim, I realized just how far I have come emotionally in 2 months.  Things that were overwhelming and scary 2 months ago look differently today.  I don’t regret spending the hour with him.  I am not sure I would have been aware of these things if I hadn’t.  A couple of things that I walked away with from that conversation:

  • The Real Presence has transformative power even if I cannot fully participate in the Eucharist.  I am surprised I didn’t realize this early.  I have developed a penchant for going  to Sacred Adoration.  Oh well, I know now.
  • The time and effort I have put into this process pale in comparison to the Grace and Mercy I have received so far.
  • I am growing and changing faster than I can realize. (Or blog, apparently.)
  • The longing I feel and recognize during The Eucharist and Sacred Adoration has a purpose.  It can be offered to God as a gift.  It can be offered as a prayer for the salvation of others.

Not bad for a one hour visit with Fr. Jim.  He gave me a book to read. (Cannot remember who or title.  I’m finally starting to fade.)  He also gave me a booklet on the Divine Mercy Prayers and Novena.  I know absolutely nothing about St. Faustina or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  It is on the back burner until at least November 2nd.

If you are interested in the Holy Spirit Novena, there is information here.

Ok, now that I have this down in black and white, I think I might be able to get some rest.