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I can tell you for sure, it has been a busy week.  RCIA tonight was good.  Sacred Adoration before RCIA was a very good idea.  I am wondering if that may be a good habit on Thursday evening to start.  I have several posts in the works.

  • That’s what friends are for…
  • New family
  • Old Family
  • A book review
  • Sola Scriptura revisited
  • Longing to confess…
  • An honor


Normally I prefer to spread posts out.  I think that given the opportunity these may come in a rapid fire succession.  All I can say about it is that the Holy Spirit seems to be on the move in many ways and I could not be happier.  I have a 3 day weekend approaching.  I hope to wrap up some of them then.

I think/feel that our RCIA group is on the verge of spreading its wings.  After 8 weeks I see a roomful of hungry candidates ready to tear into it, buckle down, and do the work…almost.  Everyone has their own “stuff” whether it be shyness or anxiety.  However, I see people like me searching…ready to take the leap and start trusting the process.  Just my observations, I could be totally wrong.  I think things might take a turn to the exciting.

If you are so inclined please pray for the RCIA Team, candidates, catechumens, and sponsors.  It is a long walk to Easter Sunday.  Every individual connected to this process has a lesson(s) to learn, or a moment to experience, possibly even a healing for the unsuspecting.

Oh, and prayer that I might dream of sugar plums as opposed to staring at the ceiling sorting through blog posts…that would be nice.

Good Night.