This really doesn’t fit in another post and is deserving of its own.  In the short time I have started this blog I have encountered much love and support.  I have also seen bigotry, rudeness, and judgement.

For ALL of the love, support, tissues (Amanda), kind words (Debbie), for challenging me to learn and study and experience more (John Cox), for the smiles and encouragement for this blog (Domini), for friends at work (Perla, Cathy, Lori, Esther, Lolita, and many more),for my protestant friends that are just happy I have encountered Christ (Charlotte and Doug) thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Each of you, in some way, has shown me who I can become.

To the people who tease me, scoff, judge, rudely invade my privacy, question me and my motives…thank you from the depths of my soul.  The harshness I receive reminds me of my own arrogance.  It allows me to experience what I have sown in other people.  I have found that harvest to be void of anything good.  When I get asked very personal questions and I can’t formulate an answer because I am embarrassed, or don’t really know….you push me to my knees in prayer, to scripture, and to a reliance on the Holy Spirit for answers.  All in all I would say that those who love me show me who I can be, and the haters are helping me get there!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, please don’t stop being you.  I need every single one of you in my life, to be the man I want to be.