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A watched pot never boils, right?  I have been watching the counter on my blog for a month.  It is similar to waiting for the last bell of the day at school.  Well, it is to me.  It is hard for me to express why this Rite is so important to me.  Yes, it is the next step.  Yes, it puts me one step closer to experiencing the Real Presence in the Eucharist.  Somehow it is more than that.  It’s almost like part of it has to do with the closing of one door as another one opens.

The last few weeks have been prep for this coming Sunday.  We have a retreat on Saturday.  I am unsure what all will take place.  Since we haven’t been in the bible or CCC much, I’ve been reading up on other things.  John suggested reading St. Augustine’s Confessions.  I bought a dandy copy.  I had to stop reading after the first two paragraphs.  My copy is rife with Thee’s and Thou’s and dost’szzzzzzzzz….I am searching for a better translation.  I obtained a book about the different prayers and devotions.  It is written almost in the style of, “An idiots Guide…”.  Which is really right up my alley.  “Hi, my name is Roy.  I’m kinda really new and want to learn.”

Some of my other reading has been a bit more arduous.  There are several things that separate Catholicism from Protestantism.  Two of them are Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide.  Sola Scriptura is Latin for, “By scripture alone.”  Sola Fide is, “By Faith Alone.”  When I was a practicing protestant these were two things that I unquestionably accepted.  In fact, I had never heard the terms until I began looking at Catholicism in earnest. ***Usual disclaimer I am not an apologist, cleric, theologian, or particularly smart.  I am not a debater.  I don’t bring up these issues to defend them.  I bring them up because they are what I am questioning, or learning about.***  The more I read, study, and pray…the more these two fundamental ideas do not make sense to me.  If sola scriptura was valid, then for the first 100 years or more, new christians had nothing to go by.  They did though.  They had the apostles and the Traditions that were created as they walked with Jesus, and immediately after his death.  Sola fide, has led me to more altar calls than I have fingers and toes.  Rather than altar calls, the Catholic Church offers the Sacrament of Confession, penance, and a word rarely ever used anymore…charity. (Not to mention obedience, prudence, humility, and temperance….just saying)


I don’t feel very patient.  I wish Sunday would get here.