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Tonight at RCIA we got to tour the Church.  It was an interesting lesson it what different things were and what they are called.  The young lady in the slide show is Domini.  During candidacy we attend Mass on Sundays at 9 AM.  The RCIA class is dismissed after the homily.  Domini leads the Sunday Mass class.  There are somethings I did not take pictures of.  Call me superstitious or just plain odd.  I didn’t feel like it would be appropriate to take photos of the Confessional or the Sacred Adoration Chapel.  The other individual photographed is Father Larry.  He helps with the RCIA group too.  There are also two seminarians who come each week.  Add in the volunteers, there are 10+ people who make RCIA happen.  Back to the tour.  I did my job and went totally tourist.(Hence to photos!)  Knowing what they are, what purpose they serve reinforce the reverence and beauty of it all to me.