I have another person ask me…why?  My answer can change some from day-to-day.  Today I have been pondering what attracted me to the Catholic Faith, and what jewels I have found that have kept me engaged wanting to learn more.  I don’t claim to be right or an expert.  If you want me to back things up with facts or bible verses, I probably won’t be able to.    These are simply my experiences and opinions of what I have seen and experienced.

1) Catholic Churches are beautiful.  They are filled with stories.  The stories all point to Jesus.  A side benefit: By paying attention to the stories in statues and stained glass, it actually becomes easier to recall scripture.  They sound beautiful.  The singing, the choir, the organ, a baby laughing…all sound better to me inside the Church.  In the morning light will filter through the stained glass and rest on the altar and the Chi Rho.  It is beautiful.

2) I can go to Mass every day I am not at work.  How cool is that?

3) The Catholic Mass is Christ centered.  Consider the difference between a protestant building and many Catholic Churches.  In a protestant church, the pulpit is in the middle of a stage.  In the Catholic church, the altar is.  In a protestant church, the choir is behind the pulpit on the stage.  In the Catholic Church, the tabernacle is.  The choir is often in a loft behind the congregation hidden from view.  In the protestant church the message can be heavily influenced by the man.  In the Catholic church the priest wears robes.  The robes shield us from what the man is.  It is about the message entirely.  Not the man, or how he delivers it.

4) Regular attendance at Mass will take you through most of the bible in about 3 years.

5)The Rosary.  A beautiful prayer devotion.

6) The Mass is engaging.  There are readings and responses.  Every response…kneeling, making the sign of the cross. the responses are all reinforcements of the faith.

7) Lighting a candle when you say a prayer is just plain cool.

8)  Reverence

9) The depth and breadth of social justice and helping the sick and poor.

10)  Hildegard von Bingen- The Canticles of Ecstasy

I could probably go on and on, and probably will.  That is a good start though.