The purpose of RCIA is to introduce interested people to the Catholic faith.  I have observed 3 distinct types of individuals in RCIA:  converts, reverts, and people getting married.  Technically speaking, people getting married are converts.  However, people getting married (sometimes) have a different motivation behind joining the Church.  Though our reasons for entering the Church are very diverse, I think the reasons we decide to stay are the same.  The Church becomes our home.

Between now and Easter Sunday 2013, I will have the opportunity to explore and experience the Catholic Faith.  I look forward to a deeper understanding of the many things I have glanced at over the last several months. 

Having such a widely varied background, I worry.  I have had so many different filters and teachings, that I think that I have just as much to unlearn.

I am comfortable reading and studying scripture.  The catechism has a different format, but it is straight forward and easy to understand.  I am very curious about Catholic Tradition, and tradition.  No, I did not repeat myself.  There is a difference between Tradition and tradition.  What is the difference?  I don’t know!  That is actually one of my questions.   There are many more. 

I am also very interested in the Catholic world view.  I have many questions directly related to this.

What is suffering?

Where does it come from?

Is suffering necessary?

Is it ever helpful?



Other questions I have include:

What is social justice?

What are the Last Rites?

What do Catholics believe happens when we die?

What is the Catholic view of Faith and Good Works?


For most of these questions, I have heard some answers.  I hope over the course of the next few months, I will be able to discover more in depth answers.