Its been a while since I posted.  I don’t really think I have had much going on that is “blog worthy”.  I mean, if I post about the mundane and mediocre, I suspect my readers might fall asleep.

Since my last post though, there are an accumulation of things that have happened that I can share about.

My sister called. (The one I haven’t seen since June 2010.)  My brother (who I have neither seen nor spoken to since June 2010), has bought tickets for all three of us to go see TSO.  Oh, sorry….Trans Siberian Orchestra.  I am very excited.  I’m also very happy.  I hope to see and talk to both of them before that event (Dec 23rd), and at least begin to bridge our gaps.  None of us have really had it easy, and I haven’t helped them much either.  It is a step in the right direction.  I’m sure the point of my conversion will come up in the conversation at some point.  I guess now is as good a time as any to start praying for the best words to say.

I made a lateral transfer at work.  It is much-needed and about a year late.  I have had the same job for 6 years, and the same schedule of mostly weekends for 3 years.  It is in the same hospital, just a different floor.  I look forward to the change.  I really look forward to not working every weekend.  Plus, it enables to me to not stress so much about attending RCIA meetings, and making Mass regularly.  Less stress is always a good thing for me.

This week our RCIA meeting covered Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Deposit of Faith, and the Fullness of Revelation.  It was interesting to go through and see how each of God’s covenants embraced a larger group of people.  Quick list of Covenants:

Covenant with Adam and Eve

Covenant with Noah

Covenant with Abraham

Covenant with Moses

Covenant with David

…..and more.  I’m not a teacher I don’t want to err.  It really was obvious though that with each new covenant the reach of it grew.  Of course the covenant we operate under now embraces the entire world.  It doesn’t really get bigger than that.  We spent some time in scripture and  the Catechism reading about each of these covenants.  I’ve noticed a trend in the class.   Each day we are given hand outs.  This gives us the opportunity to focus and read more about the Catholic faith between meetings.  I need to step up my studying over the next few weeks.  The are lists of Scripture and Catechism passages that talk about Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Deposit of Faith. (p.s.  The Deposit of Faith is ST and SS combined.)  Jon FINALLY answered my question this week.  “Why do they ring the bell during Mass?”  The short answer is to draw people’s attention to what is going on during the consecration of the Host.

Next week, we get to tour the Church and ask questions.  It should be fun.  Any non-Catholic knows there is a ton of stuff inside a Catholic Church.  Now we get to point and ask.  The week after that is rehearsal for the Rite of Welcome.  Just a little over 2 weeks away, I will have the opportunity to formally express my want to learn even more about the Catholic Faith.  The only committment is to come and learn.  The Rite of Welcome is not entering the Church.  It is another step towards it.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been slowly adding links to my sidebar.  These links are different sites that I have visited to expand my understanding of the Catholic Faith.  If you are interested in learning more, I would suggest checking them out.  I will be adding more soon.