I have started a new period in my life.  It is called the period of inquiry.  Let me tell you how I got there.  Earlier today my future RCIA sponsor Debbie sent me a text.  “Roy!  I was on FB and I saw on SMG’s (Church) FB page, that the first RCIA class is tonight.  Are you going?”  Internally is said, ‘WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?”  So I checked it out and confirmed it.  I called the church to ask if I needed to do anything prior to tonight.  With all necessary information I let Debbie know, “Yep, I’m in.”  For those of you who don’t know,or are new to the blog, RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.  It is the process where newcomers and people who have walked away, come into the church.  I will not go into any details in this blog, until I experience them.  It only seems fair.  So tonight began the period of Inquiry.  It is a time to ask question, hear answers, and get to know people in the faith.  A sponsor is someone who walks with you through the entire process.  Mine is Debbie.  I’ll probably blab about her quite abit.  So tonight was an introduction to what RCIA is, what happens, and what it looks like.  We had an ice breaker.  You know where you go around and find someone to interact with and get to know.  I met a very nice gentleman named Brett.  He is a RCIA sponsor.  It is a very dynamic group of people.  DIfferent backgrounds, ethnicity, works and interests.  It seems we are all there for essentially the same reason.  Though said different ways, salvation, hope, faith, understanding.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited, scared, and ashamed all at once.  Excited because of what the future can hold.  Scared because of what others around me may think of me for my decision to join the Catholic Church.  Ashamed, well, because I am scared.  I also have my own litany of broken areas in my life that need God’s touch.  To my friend Ann Glasheen Lewis, yea…It may be kind of like becoming the whole in the doughnut.  I think the pain of not doing this would be greater than the pain of walking forward and fully embracing Christ and the Church.

To end on a lighter note, I hope during the period of Inquiry my first question will be answered first.  Why do they ring that bell during Mass?  I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time I heard it.


Good night to all of my new RCIA friends, Debbie and Co., and crazy people who actually read this blog.